About Vidvas Kids

Our Mission

The Mission is to impart quality and strong foundation in the early years of a child’s life. Our whole idea is to make the school a beautiful place, so that students love coming to school and learn with a lot of eagerness and interest.

Our Vision

The vision is to make school a joyous place for learning by involving children in playing and doing. We want to make each child a lifelong learner.

Our Philosophy & Belief

Vidvas School, an expert in preschool education is the best choice for your child!
We believe that an initial years of every child is precious as up to 6 years the brain architecture happens. We follow Learning by doing and play. A child must learn very early in life that she/he is someone of importance and can achieve greatness.

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About Our Vidvas Kids School

"At any time or place, caring for children and watching them grow gives joy to every heart.”
VIDVAS is a fun and child friendly learning centre for tiny tots with a vision to make school that every child unique. This is a home away from home. VIDVAS was born with the desire to nurture kids and lay a foundation for a better society. Children are active participants in their own education and development. This means that they should be mentally involved and physically active in learning what they need to know and do. Brain Researchers today are reinforcing tremendous value on children’s play. They are discovering children are designed to play. Play helps kids develop social skills, memory emotional awareness, creative problem solving, flexibility and in pulse control. It helps them understand the world and their place in it.

Our Key Features

Expert Teachers

Stress free Education

Digital Education

Music and Art Class

Multimedia Class

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Creative Learning

AMPLE play area

Leadership Cultivation

Fullday Programs

Strategic Location

VIDVAS Kids School Learning by Exploring