Vidvas Kids Curriculum

Academics :

• Our Programme is packed with a variety of activities- ranging from academics to music, movement to fun and play. Each minute of their day will be utilised effectively and purposefully to achieve the curriculum goals and learning outcomes.

• Our curriculum also includes a scientifically developed Physical Education Program which combines elements of Yoga and Aerobics.

• We make the children creative, confident, caring, Independent and responsible to face the challenges when they grow up.

• We believe that children of today have to be prepared for tomorrow. We use technology as a teaching support. We offer age appropriate customized content making learning both relevant and meaningful.

Our programs : "Learning by doing" is what we follow at VIDVAS, we believe that learning should be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical. Every one learns better with hands-on Experience. Learn by Rote will not be Encouraged.

1a Curriculum

“More importantly, we intend to reach out to parents We want to transform the image of the early childhood profession and take up fulfilling careers in nurturing our young. We have theme based core and value added Curriculum.

1b Curriculum

Imaginative &InteractivePlay: At Vidvas we have a play-based approach. Imaginative and cooperative play is an integral part of early childhood development. Through play your preschooler will develop her sense of self, build imagination, practice problem solving, and learn social skills.

Seasonal Development

It is through the senses that infants discover the world. Sensory development begins during gestation and continues throughout childhood.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are so important in preschool. It is during these early years that kids are fine tuning their finger grip and strength. In preschool, fine motor skills will often be practiced through arts, crafts and sensory play.

Gross Motor Skills

Preschoolers are developing their gross motor skills and coordination at this age, too. The preschool program will include lots of active play and movement including outdoor and dancing.

Social Skills & Independence

For many kids preschool is their first time away from their parents for a significant long time. It’s a great time for them to build confidence and independence. They will also learn and practice valuable social skills through cooperative play with their classmates and teachers.

Some social skills resources

Different domains of early childhood education, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional, moral values and self-help are the driving agents of the curriculum of VIDVAS.

VIDVAS Kids School Learning by Exploring